Terms & Conditions & REFUNDS

1. Those students on an ‘ELC’ sponsored Short Term Study Visa for 6 or 11 months must pay the fees in full in advance for the period booked – minimum study period 12 or 32 weeks respectively.

2. In the event that a student is refused a visa a full refund will be given less a handling charge of £275.00 pounds sterling, bank and courier charges if used.

3. A copy of the UKVI ‘Letter of Refusal’ must be produced and all original documents provided by ‘ELC’ returned.

4. If you wish to appeal against a visa decision no refund will be given during the appeal period. ‘ELC’ must see a copy of the UKVI / Home Office decision made.

5. The refund will be paid within 14 days on receipt of all the relevant documentation.

6. If you wish to withdraw from a course once you have received your visa or during a course there will be no refund. In exceptional cases we will hold your place open for a year from the date of your commencement.No refunds for visa students who miss classes – ‘time credit’ given for illness proven by doctor’s notice and / or holidays notified by email 2 weeks in advance.’

7. Short-term study  visa sponsored students must study for a minimum of 15 hours per week.

Course Conditions

1. ‘ELC’ reserves the right to appoint and change class teachers and tutors. Punctual arrival is the student’s responsibility. ‘ELC’ will not extend the teaching time due to the late arrival. Tuition time and date may be changed with 1 working day’s notice and subject to availability of teaching staff and classrooms

2. Students are advised that ‘ELC’, staff nor any ‘ELC’ representatives accept any responsibility for personal injury and / or loss or damage to personal property whilst on our premises, whether by fire, burglary, theft or otherwise. This condition also applies to public and private places including host families and when students are on trips or excursions arranged by ‘ELC’.

3. Force Majeure ‘ELC’ English Language Courses is not liable in the event of the school being unable to supply services to which it is contractually bound resulting from causes outside the school’s control, such as, but not limited to, natural disasters, labour disputes, government action, pandemics and the like. Refunds will not be made in such circumstances. Any disputes shall be governed by English Law.